CardoO iNote writing tablet

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Not Just a writing tablet, it’s a mind-blowing innovation. 

It can do it all! Take notes, illustrate, study, work, design, online meetings, online lectures… Literally all.

  • A wide Liquid Screen delivers true-to-life experiences.
  • A superfast Stylus Pen for superfine details.
  • Extra lightweight to take creativity anywhere.
  • Compatible with Photoshop, AI, ZBrush, and all design software,
  • Send all your notes to the mobile app with one click.
  • A whole month lasting battery (50 working hours)
  • 3000-page storage to never stop the productivity

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Tablet Charging Time
About 3-4 hours
Tablet Available time
Continuous use for 50 hours
Continuous use for 8 hours
pen Charging Time
About 2-3 hours
pen Available time
Continuous use for 200 hours
Induction Method
Induction Height
Connection Type
Bluetooth, USB


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